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This is Área 3

Through its subsidiary Área 3, Elecnor brings Interior Design, Design and Equipment to the group. This activity complements construction with a view to offering a comprehensive and specialised service.

Área 3 brings added value both in new projects and renovations. Thanks to its focus on interior design, Área 3 adds detail, optimises the space and achieves aesthetical harmony with the building's architecture while prioritising its functionality and end purpose as well as its subsequent maintenance.

Área 3 works in projects with other Elecnor teams and is responsible for all interior design activities for global projects.

Additionally, it carries out independent work which is exclusively dedicated to interior design.

Elecnor has been carrying out interior design projects for over 10 years. Área 3 groups these professionals together under a single identity and individual brand.

Services and Solutions

Área 3 is an organisation that specialises in interior design and equipment for all types of projects

It mostly focuses on areas for public use and works both in small and large projects.

Área 3 works in close collaboration with its customers from the time the job is commissioned so as to fulfil a specific need to full project execution. The goal is to offer one of the best alternatives in interior architecture, design, execution and full outfitting of an area.

Elecnor's subsidiary offers solutions for:

  • Handling the space
  • Selecting materials
  • Designing special and/or standard equipment
  • Selecting technical equipment
  • Adapting or renovating premises

And its goal is always clear – aesthetic integration and functionality.

Área 3 offers tailor-made solutions in the following areas:

  • Decor


    • Decorative elements
    • Individual elements
  • Execution and Traditional works

    Execution and Traditional works

    • Masonry
    • Fittings and lighting
    • Fixed and modular partitions
    • Ceilings and flooring
    • Cladding and coating
  • End-to-end equipment

    End-to-end equipment

    • Standard
    • Tailored-made, special manufacture
    • Complementary elements
    • Audio-visual
    • Signage and use of corporate image
  • Interior architecture

    Interior architecture projects

    • Personalised proposals
    • Integration with the environment and Corporate Identity
    • Awareness of end use

The Team

The team is always in contact with the customer and works to offer the best personalised solutions

Área 3 relies on specialised professionals with different technical profiles (design, production and management/administration). Its organisational structure has been designed and is targeted towards continuous team work and a single objective. Design and production are constantly interrelated. Both areas retrofeed each other and, as such, enrich the project in all of its phases. The team is always in contact with the customer and works to offer the best personalised solutions.

They address the customer's needs and have the necessary experience in global solutions, from design to execution and sometimes even commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

In each project and from the first moment, Área 3 works in close cooperation with the customer and the team which draws up the project, which can sometimes be an external vendor. Área 3 shares its experience to facilitate the necessary solutions during execution.

Creativity and innovation occur naturally only if there is enthusiasm and trust, team work as well as individual work.

Sectors of activity

Área 3 has experience in various sectors of activity:

  • Renovation and adaptation of areas
  • Corporate offices and buildings
  • Hospitality, leisure and bars&restaurants
  • Educational centres and libraries
  • Social centres, care/retirement homes, assisted living and hospitals
  • Airports and major public areas
  • Museums, ephemeral architecture and interpretation centres

Área 3 has carried out countless projects in activities related to hospitality, offices, airport equipment, VIP rooms, hotels, libraries, museums, geriatrics, etc.

In short, it has work in almost any type of end-to-end initiative for public use.

The company keeps expanding and consolidating its presence in several sectors of activity. At the same time, Área 3 is diversifying its interior design activities and venturing into all of its facets; it is also promoting new quality and security guidelines.

Quality and the Environment

Área 3 wished to create strict Environment and Quality policies with a single mission: the continuous improvement of the organisation.

This Management System is configured in accordance with two blocks of criteria:

  • Precise knowledge about the type and dimensions of environmental impact, customer requirements and risks to workers derived from the activities and products of Área 3.
  • Strict compliance with current applicable legislation and other requirements that Área 3 subscribes to in all markets in which it operates.

From these common roots, the Management System established specific commitments and lines of action by scope.


Quality is a priority for Área 3. It distinguishes the company from its strong competitors.

Each of Elecnor's subsidiaries adapts to the specific characteristics of its business area and activity. However, all subsidiaries share a series of lines of action in the context of the Quality Management System; these are prevalent:

  • Developing initiatives and actions targeted at improving the quality of the services provided.
  • Setting objectives in terms of quality, and fulfilling them.


Área 3 is committed to the environment. This commitment governs its activity. The work of Área 3 achieves harmonic and respectful integration with the environment and, as a consequence, the company has been certified pursuant to standard UNE-EN ISO 14001.

Environmental priorities are identified by each of Elecnor's subsidiaries and serve as basis for the necessary policies and measures for fulfilling them.


Elecnor, a global company

Elecnor is one of the leading global players in engineering and the construction and development of infrastructure projects.

Elecnor is also a leading developer and investor in a range of fields including renewable energies, energy infrastructures and space.

Growing steadily for almost six decades, Elecnor bases its growth strategy on activity diversification and internationalisation. This has made it possible for Elecnor to deploy projects in more than 50 countries across the five continents; these include electricity, gas, industrial plants, railways, telecommunications, water, control systems, construction, environment, premise maintenance and airspace engineering.

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